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  • 2021年4月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会(オンライン)
  • 2019年9月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会専門家研修会(イスラエル)
  • 2018年6月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会(フランス)
  • 2017年7月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会専門家研修会(イギリス)
  • 2016年4月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会(ニュージーランド&オーストラリア)
  • 2015年8月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会専門家研修会(カナダ)
  • 2014年6月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会(イタリア)
  • 2012年6月 職場いじめ&ハラスメント国際学会(デンマーク)


1.Overview of Office Prism LLC

Office Prism LLC is the first professional organization in Japan to offer mental health services by combining perspectives from both human resource management and clinical psychology. It has experience with over 2000 companies over a period of about 25 years.

In addition to consulting and counselling in the industrial domain, as a pioneer in harassment measures, the organization has been providing specialized services to companies and administrative organizations all over Japan. It has also built a broad network of psychiatrists, lawyers, physicians, psychologists, corporate consultants, career counselors, psychiatric social workers, as well as specialists of various fields, not only in Japan, but also abroad.

2.Business Outline

[Harassment measures/EAP services]

The organization offers a variety of services including counselling, human resources consulting, training, organizational analysis, drafting of rules, introductions to specialized institutions, and matters related to mental /harassment measures. A specialist well-versed in Japanese labor laws and systems, as well as cultural characteristics, will support you from all angles.

[Cross culture support]

Office Prism LLC has a Japanese patent/trademark registration in the field of cultural intelligence consulting and counselling. In addition to educational training regarding Japanese manners and culture / business practices, as a specialist in matters related to labor law, it offers diverse support for performance improvement by means such as explaining in a comprehensive manner, the line between law and custom.

[Corporate support]

In order to start up a company in Japan, procedures must be followed with various administrative organizations. This, however, needs to be conducted by either the representative him/herself or a person certified by the government in the relevant fields (certified public tax accountant, administrative scrivener, certified labor and social security attorney).

Furthermore, when a specialized company acts as an intermediary between the above specialist and a company, it cannot receive a referral fee; it is prohibited by law.

Utilizing its long history and broad network as a pioneer in the field, Office Prism LLC will refer relevant specialists who offer reasonably-priced services for free.

3.Founder’s career

Knowledgeable in labor sector laws and having national qualifications related to clinical psychology, Miwako Wakui, the founder of Office Prism LLC, is the first in Japan to advocate and implement mental health measures from the perspectives of both a clinical psychologist and a licensed Labor and Social Security Attorney. She has written over 30 books and has conducted over 1500 lectures and training sessions throughout Japan.